“Salve, o venusta Sirmio, atque ero gaude/ gaudente, vosque, o Lydiae lacus undae, / ridete quidquid est domi cachinnorum.” “Greetings, gracious Sirmione, enjoy the master/ joyful and you, o Lydious waves of the lake, / laugh all of the laughs of the house”. We beg forgiveness if we trouble Catullo for a wine. But the image of hiccups, bursts of laughter, sparks of joy, is well adapted to the tiny bubbles of Perlage, bubbling with unexpected and unrestrained joy. It is a winged wine, simple, which immediately tells of that which the Turbiana and the Chardonnay give it: the sharpness of apple, the aromas of orange-blossom, fruit.
It presents already on sight as vivacious and citrus: a citron yellow, transparent and clean. The fresh perfumes bounce in the nose: sour apple, inklings of citrus and white flowers. After a bit, green plum also comes out. Freshness, clarity and fruit gush, along with the bubbles, into the mouth.

Grapevine: Turbiana and Chardonnay
Geographic location: the community of Sirmione, area south of Lake Garda
Exposure: south, southeast
Average altitude of the terrain: from 60 to 80 meters above sea level
Type of terrain: cretaceous-clay
Growing system: simple or double Guyot but short, 3700-4000 plants per acre
Harvest: end of August for Chardonnay, middle of September for Turbiana
Winemaking: soft pressing of the grapes with extraction of flower must, static cleaning and vacuum filtration of the pressing. For a long product freshness, it is used the first alcoholic fermentation for sparkling wine with the Charmat method (2 months) at a controlled temperature of 15 ° C
How to serve it: serve at 10-12°C
Cookery: from happy hour to the delicate starters, even raw. Fish dishes and pastry making

Vintage2017Volatile Acidity0,20 g/l
Gradation12% volPh3,16
Total Acidity6,0 g/lDry Extract20 g/l